What’s the Price of a Free Internet?

Our everyday activities are littered with ads of all types: in physical spaces such as bus stops, billboards lining the highways, and pages of publications. Online ads are no exception and appear on our favorite websites in terrific numbers. Furthermore worrisome, however, is that online advertisements are not only an annoying interruption to our surfing […]
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Do Macs Really Need Antivirus? Yes.

Place a diehard Windows user and a fellow diehard Mac user in exactly the exact same area to debate which platform is better, and it is likely the subject of malware will come up at some stage. That Mac user will most likely argue how “Macs do not get viruses,” and point to the PC’s […]
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What Should I Do If My Social Media Gets Hacked?

The 21st century has brought exciting innovations to the forefront, particularly the ability to associate with almost anyone, anywhere, at any time. In regards to social media, this means having the ability to share not only information, photos, and videos but to also join in professional networks. Irrespective of why you may use them, the […]
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